Application Security Assessment

Application Security Assessment
Do you use applications to automate your business processes? How aware are you of the risks they pose?
Well, you must ask these questions and more to know if you are doing enough for the security of your applications.

Application security includes a variety of tasks that play a crucial role in introducing a secure software development life cycle.From detecting technical vulnerabilities to probable fraud scenarios, the assessment helps you stay on top of your security systems.

Our best-of-bread application security testing services are the first step to building a formidable and reliable defense. We conduct a periodic, comprehensive, independent third-party evaluation of your application security posture to help you be aware of the risks and threats.

Our Coverage

We identify and analyze threats in a variety of applications —whether custom in-house developed, vendor developed, commercial off-the-shelf, or cloud-based SAAS. We undertake the following assessments to give your business full coverage.

Application Security Assessment

Web Application Security Testing

Application Security Assessment

Thick Client Application Security Testing

Application Security Assessment

Mobile Application Security Testing

Application Security Assessment

Web Services API’s Security Testing

Application Security Assessment

Cloud-Based Application Security Testing

Application Security Assessment

AI Application Security Testing

Our Benchmarks

We adhere to well-known global security assessment guidelines.


Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

Web Application Security Testing

Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) guidelines

owasp samm

OWASP’s Software Assurance Maturity Model (OpenSAMM)

Our Methodology

Our assessment takes a systematic step-by-step approach to draw a detailed report.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has performed security testing for over 12,000 apps, including web, Android/iOS, web services applications, and SaaS.

We are highly experienced with a wide range of business application security testing across industries such as BFSI, , manufacturing, healthcare, IT, telecom, and power (shouldn’t these industries be capitalized? Since they have been done elsewhere).

We coordinate closely with your application development team to help you identify errors and fix the root cause of vulnerabilities.

Our reports comprise application flaws and their associated impact in great detail.


cyber security consultant

Our Comprehensive Security Assessment is customized to suit your business needs, covering process, technology, and people aspects of the control framework. We review relevant departments within your organization to holistically evaluate the design and operational effectiveness of your cybersecurity and business continuity plan.

We offer a range of cybersecurity consulting services aligned with regulatory standards based on your industry vertical. Our expert team ensures that the design and implementation of cybersecurity controls within the technology, process, and people control environment comply with relevant regulatory standards.

From designing and implementing to auditing and improving, we help you at every step in enhancing your Information Security Management System (ISMS). As part of our Governance, Risks, and Compliance (GRC) consulting services, we help you deploy a systematic method to manage Information Security (IS) risks and ensure business continuity.

We help you develop an effective risk management process that prevents sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. We study your business environment as a whole to devise processes and strategies that ensure secure and continuous operations.

Business continuity is an integral part of good business practices and corporate governance. We assist you in identifying potential adverse events and their corresponding impact that threaten the continuity of operations. Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a structured process that provides a framework for building resilience and developing the capability to respond to adverse events in a planned manner.

Application security includes a variety of tasks that play a crucial role in introducing a secure software development life cycle.From detecting technical vulnerabilities to probable fraud scenarios, the assessment helps you stay on top of your security systems.

Our PT exercise closely resembles the tools, methods, and procedures used by attackers against target networks. We conduct intrusive or non-intrusive PTs keeping in mind your unique needs. Our techniques are aligned with global standards and procedures and have been refined over the years based on our extensive expertise and experience.

Our Source Code Security Review is an effective exercise and a fool-proof technique for detecting design and code-level security issues in business applications. We run automated code security scans and conduct a thorough manual review to ensure that key code-level security controls are properly implemented. We also give a meticulously crafted report with details of identified vulnerabilities and recommendations for securing your application code.

When establishing, maintaining, or improving computer network security devices, the required secure configuration settings are typically either not implemented or overlooked. We assess and verify configuration settings of IT infrastructure components such as systems, network devices, and applications to evaluate their security effectiveness.

Why wait for a breach to reveal your security vulnerabilities? Red Team Assessment is an offensive strategy to identify loopholes in your system and prevent them from causing harm in the future. It generally employs covert tactics to find lacunae in your organization’s IT security, process, and personnel security awareness controls. It also significantly enhances the Security Operation Centre (SOC) team’s incident detection and response capabilities.

Social Engineering Assessment is a simulated test that targets workers and analyzes their information security awareness. We create a user-specific context that preys on trust, preconceived notions, and authoritative biases to manipulate your personnel. We lure them into clicking fabricated links and divulging confidential information. During Social Engineering tests, the assessment team seeks to make direct contact with targets, either by phone or in person and, in certain cases, via physical access to restricted places within the company.


Industries we serve

At SecurEyes, we commit to a customer-first approach and go to lengths to ensure your safety and stability. We develop industry-focused solutions to cater to custom needs of your business.

We serve multiple sectors across geographies.

Our Story

  • Started out as a five-member team in Bangalore
  • Developed four security products with Foundstone
  • Recorded a million downloads with Hacme Bank
  • Incorporated SecurEyes Techno Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Emerged as key contender in cybersecurity space
  • Empanelled with CERT-IN and NIC
  • Won government and banking contracts
  • Developed secure software for a microfinance company
  • Landed a deal with an apex business body
  • Segued from product development into consulting (application security and penetration testing)
  • Entered international market with three orders from the Middle East
  • Expanded portfolio with comprehensive vulnerability assessment services
  • Bagged prestigious projects from Government of India
  • Landed reputed Middle Eastern banking projects
  • Ventured into Africa with a large-scale project in Sudan
  • Established supremacy in the Middle East with high-end projects
  • Forayed into business with capital market firms and insurance companies
  • Empanelled with NICSI, expanding our footprint in the government sector
  • Certified ISO 27001 for Dubai project
  • Signed MoU with Government of Kerala
  • Expanded portfolio with Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) services
  • Launched Kerala IT Mission cybersecurity operations
  • Ventured into logistics with two major players
  • Collaborated with Qatar’s second largest LNG company to enter oil and gas sector
  • Secured long-term partnership with one of the largest private sector banks in India
  • Opened new office in Sharjah
  • Bagged large annual contracts with three major banks in Riyadh that continue to date
  • Empanelled with Saudi Central Bank for comprehensive regulatory assessments at five major banks
  • Established sales office in the United States of America
  • Bagged projects in Nigeria and Kenya, expanding service delivery outreach
  • Empanelled as authorized Information Security Auditing Firm with Directorate of Information Technology, Maharashtra
  • Delivered cybersecurity services for MyGov project launched by the Indian Prime Minister
  • Secured long-term partnership with a major small finance bank in India
  • Landed our first South African project
  • Developed an enterprise solution for central banks in RegTech space
  • Certified ISO 27001:2013 (ISMS) and ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) compliant
  • Established long-term engagement with top regulatory authority n important
  • Implemented flagship product RegTrac for digitizing supervisory activities in a central bank
  • Signed MoU with Odisha Computer Application Centre to conduct co-branded cybersecurity certification program
  • Empanelled with India’s largest public sector bank SBI as one of the five Group A companies
  • Landed an annual information security awareness project with an airlines firm in the UAE
  • Recognized by CIO Magazine among 20 most promising cybersecurity solutions providers
  • Empanelled with Balmer Lawrie and Karnataka Bank as Information Security Auditing Organization
  • Set up new office in Riyadh
  • Augmented capabilities of central bank for faster and better supervisory audits
  • Forayed into data privacy by developing framework for central regulator and conducting assessment for a credit bureau
  • Opened new office at Abu Dhabi
  • Bagged projects in Zambia, Cameroon, and South Africa
  • Signed MoU with Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi, for industry-academia cybersecurity collaboration
  • Developed new products VulTrac, AuditTrac, TPTrac, PhishTrap, and AwarenessTrac
  • Acquired five new clients in Saudi Arabia
  • Implemented products across compliance, regulation, and vulnerability management lifecycle
  • Signed MoU with PECB to provide ISO 27001 training and certification services
  • Received CERT-In empanelment along with 33 shortlisted companies
  • Empanelled with Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and Canara Bank as Information Security Auditing Organization
  • Received Corporate Icon Award 2021, Odisha
  • Signed up with a large IT & Business Consulting Firm headquartered in Canada
  • Associated with one of the largest global technology consulting and digital solutions provider with operations in 30 countries
  • Completed five batches of skill development training with OCAC since 2018

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