In today’s digital world, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common and a dangerous phenomenon. Most organisations and individuals are in some way connected to the Internet and are potentially vulnerable to cyber attacks. Network breaches, virus attacks, malware breakouts, identity thefts, data theft, website defacement and other forms of cyber attacks are on the rise.

The overwhelmingly high rate of adoption of the Internet by businesses and private individuals and corresponding rise in the rate of cyber attacks has created an urgent need for more Cyber Security professionals.

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Success Stories

Imtiaz Khan
Qualification : B.Tech
Current Deployment : Bhubaneswar
Message : It is a good organisation to work with. It provides good facilities to each and every employee. SecurEyes provides very good training and courses related to working technology. It will help you to growth your career.
Sidharth Mohanty
Qualification : B.Tech
Current Deployment : Bhubaneswar
Message : As I was completely new to the Information Security field, the CSCP training program helped me learn many new things regarding this domain. After the completion of the Training program I was selected by SecurEyes to join as a Trainee Information Security Consultant. I am highly grateful to SecurEyes for giving me the best opportunity in terms of training and placement.
Maheswar Behera
Qualification : B.Tech
Current Deployment : Bhubaneswar
Message : I want to thank you for identifying my skills and giving me a chance to prove my worth in this organization.
Anindita Ghosal
Qualification : B.Tech
Current Deployment : Bhubaneswar
Message : SecurEyes provides a positive environment to explore new things and provides new opportunity for the freshers. It also takes an enormous amount of hard work, but that just comes with this territory. I'm happy to be placed here.