Red Team Assessment


A Red Team assessment is an offensive engagement that typically uses stealthy techniques aimed to identify weaknesses in the IT security controls, Process controls and staff security awareness controls implemented with an organization.

It further aims to challenge the security operation centre (SOC operations) team's Incident detection and response capabilities. The assessment is a no-holds-barred style of exercise where the success criteria is to gain access to critical assets or crown jewels within the target organization.

Our Coverage

The expert red team at SecurEyes emulates Tactics, Techniques and Procedures of adversaries and real-world threat actors. The approach includes different simulated attack scenarios that will be planned and attempted in order of likely success. Based on the initial results, our red team leverages custom tools, exploits, and methodologies to break into the target organization. As per the customer requirements, our team can also assess specific control elements to provide a custom Red Team assessment whereby we can tailor our service to your needs. Our full spectrum of red team assessment includes threat intelligence, social media correlation, comprehensive open source intelligence (OSINT), digital & physical social engineering assessment, media drops, targeted malware-based attacks, APT simulations, among others. Our red team assessments are performed in 4 to 8 weeks with 2 or 4 red team experts working on the assignment.

Once the target network has been breached and access gained, our red team emulates activities of real-world adversaries to stealthily spread laterally while covertly bypassing network security controls for an extended period. The team attempts exfiltration of data under controlled scenarios to demonstrate the compromise capabilities and meet the objectives of the red team exercise.


Our Methodology

The flow of our red team assessment is as follows:

  • Reconnaissance (OSINT)
  • Weaponization & Delivery
  • Exploitation
  • Establishing a backdoor (C&C)
  • Installing multiple utilities
  • Privilege escalation, lateral movement, and data exfiltration
  • Maintaining persistence

Our Benchmarks

Based on the requirements of our customers, our Red team assessment can be aligned to the following well known global Red Team frameworks such as:

  • Mitre's ATT&CK framework
  • TIBER-EU Framework - European Central Bank - Europa EU
  • SAMA - Financial Entities Ethical Red-Teaming Framework

Why Choose us?

  • Rich experience of conducting Red Team assessments across large Organizations including BFSI, Healthcare, Information Technology
  • Highly trained and experienced red team experts who provide a customized experience to each customer
  • Comprehensive reports that help our customers to have an in-depth understanding of control gaps and business impacts along with practical recommendations to enhance their attack detection and response capabilities
  • Close interactions with internal blue teams to walk them through the various breach scenarios emulated in the red team assessment.

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