Operational Security Guidelines


Business operations are being managed by business applications. Thus, it is prudent that these business applications are managed effectively to ensure secure and continuous usage of business operations to provide the highest return on investment.

The objective of the Business Application Security Standard is to study the Business Application to establish a context specific control framework that acts as an Operational Security Guideline. The control framework provides multiple benefits as stated below

  • It provides the current as-is state of the Business Application that in turn reflects the residual risks
  • It becomes a baseline document for compliance audits
  • It reflects the topology pertaining to information security & business continuity
  • It defines ownership of adherence to the control framework by application owners

SecurEyes team follows a broad methodology in defining Business Application Security Standard

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An indicative list of coverage

  • User Access (configuration & review)
  • Segregation of Duty - SOLL/IST matrix
  • Audit Trail
  • Data Protection
  • Change, Release and Configuration Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Security Event monitoring and State monitoring
  • Technical Vulnerability Management
  • Backup & Restoration
  • Sourcing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • IT Resilience
  • Key Management
  • Application Specific Controls
  • Critical Business Parameters in Application & related Controls

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  • Out team has developed Business Application Security Standards for most Business Applications across the industry sectors

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Insecure configurations in the IT environment might result in environment compromise that could further lead to catastrophic impact on the business operation. Thus, it is recommended to define minimum baseline security standard so that all IT systems adhere to the baseline to provide a reliable secure environment for business transactions.

SecurEyes team studies the entire IT infrastructure of an Organization and defines the required minimum baseline security standards for each of the IT components (e.g. router, switch, firewall, End Point, DLP, operating system, database, etc.). Each MBSS document covers the baseline configuration as per the international best practices, the Organizational policy & specific IT environment requirements. It also contains the steps to configure these parameters.

List of indicated areas of coverage

  • User Management
  • Access Management
  • Logging & Audit
  • Remote Administration
  • Limiting required processes/services
  • Secure Communication
  • Latest updates & patches
  • Secure Administration
  • Backup Administration
  • Other Device specific secure configurations

Why Choose us?

  • We have vast experience in developing MBBS for all types of IT systems
  • We deploy our elite team of experienced certified technical consultants
  • We prepare MBBS documents as per the operating context of the Organization
  • We perform an end-to-end testing of drafted MBBS documents to ensure its adequacy before implementing in our client’s environment

You can get in touch with us at sales@secureyes.net to utilize our Cyber Security Advisory & Consulting services for your organization today.