Following are a few testimonials from our valued customers

It was a great pleasure working with you and your team.
The support, performance and professionalism you showed assured ANB that doing business with SecurEyes was a right choice.
Looking forward to working with you in future projects.

-Mr. Ala Ibrahim Asali, Head of Information Security, Compliance Division, Arab National Bank

SecurEyes has been providing us a variety of services in the information security area since 2006 and it has been a great experience working with them all through our engagements. Besides ethical hacking services, we have been availing security consulting servics from SecurEyes since 2010. This has helped us doing a detailed analysis of security status of out applications before implementing in production.
Presentation and reporting is a key factor for customer understanding of the security paradigms and jargons. I think SecurEyes have been able to handle this effectively and their reporting formats along with detailed analysis reports are simple to go through, yet precise and clear in the status and expectaionss. They don’t stop with highlighting the risks but also try to help the developer teams with additional inputs for addressing those security issues. This, I feel, is a great value addition that I have not seen coming from larger companies.
Their consultants are experienced, knowledgeable and also very approachable when we really are in need of them. Personally, I see the senior management team of SecurEyes being highly customer focused and I hardly get into situations wherein I need to handle escalations from my team. On the whole, a highly professional organization and are a very good partner to work with and always confidently recommend SecurEyes to anyone.

-Mr. C.V.G. Prasad, Former Chief Information Officer, ING Vysya Bank

SecurEyes provides a comprehensive training on information security in an engaging manner, which is very well-received by all. It’s highly recommended for engineering teams in product security.

-Mr. Kiran Devaiah, Senior Manager – Product Development, RSA

SecurEyes has provided Safelight Security with expert security and training delivery servives for over five years. When Safelight’s multi-national customers require in-region delivery of application security training, we are confident that SecurEyes will deliver the most highly qualified professionals. SecurEyes is a Partner in the tuest sense and has proven that they can be considered an extended part of our team.

-Safelight, USA

I was really happy with the way the project went. It was a pleasure working with you guys. Your processes & documentation is excellent.

-Mr. Mark Curphey, Founding Member of OWASP & Consulting Directory, Foundstone Inc.