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Why Cyber Security Training?

The global cyber security threatscape is changing rapidly and hence the roles of the information security professionals need to be dynamically redefined. These redefined roles call for continuous learning to keep pace with the fast changing cyber security trends.

Organizations having in-house cyber security teams, need to constantly equip their cyber security professionals with the appropriate skills to enable them to maintain the desired cyber security posture. Also organizations, that develop applications in-house, need to train their developers to code securely.

SecurEyes, through it’s tailored training programmes serves as the perfect bridge to this skill gap.

Cyber Security Training


The business applications are the face of an organization to the external world and critical for smooth running of its internal operations; hence they need to be locked and secured from loop-holes which attackers can take advantage of. The expert guidance from SecurEyes can help developers/ project managers envisage the vulnerabilities an application may have due to insecure coding. Our training follows guidelines mentioned in the OWASP. The training program focuses on:

  • Common pitfalls in application development
  • Threat Modeling and Risk assessment of applications
  • Common security loopholes in Web and Client-Server applications
  • Designing a comprehensive security testing plan for the applications
  • Penetration testing applications that have already been deployed

Highly specialized and technically in-depth training programs from SecurEyes caters to the needs of Network Administrators, Deployment Teams and Network Security Designers. Our network security training offering includes network penetration testing, Wireless penetration testing, primer on war driving and war dialling techniques. The penetration testing training follows the well known OSSTM standard methodology. These training programs will focus on:

  • Hands-on guidance in installation/administration to secure networks
  • Typical pitfalls in implementation
  • Common security loopholes in network design
  • Methodology for penetration testing of networks including hands-on labs
  • Securing Wireless networks
  • Developing appropriate Usage Policies for network Security and enforcing them

SecurEyes also offers customized training modules and workshops to meet specific requirements of organizations. Our workforce consists of experts with industry experience in dealing with real world cyber security threats and in-depth knowledge of threat scenarios across diverse sectors globally.

Our trainers are experienced to tailor the needs and come up with workshops/trainings across all levels in the organization. All our programs are interactive with hands on experiences like lab assignments, quizzes, etc. Trainings can be both classroom based as well as online. All our workshops/trainings, give the participants the required information as well as opportunity to experience real time exposure to cyber security landscape.

The programs are aimed at creating awareness among the participants to latest cyber security technology and trends in the marketplace and equip them with information and skills to recognize and mitigate cyber-attacks and threats.

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Cyber Security Awareness

Learning Cyber Security is a fun

This program is conducted throughout the year for the participating organization and is driven to enhance the cyber security culture within the Organization. We understand the current cyber security maturity by studying recent incidents, conducting surveys and social engineering scenarios, and then we leverage an annual plan to push cyber security awareness messages across multiple channels (screensaver, poster, emailers, SMS, wallpaper etc.). Our intermediate assessment ensures increasing maturity within the Organization. We also include cyber security week wherein multiple cyber security events are conducted and giveaway merchandises are provided to the winners.


The program provides cloud based learning and management system (LMS) with a pre-build computer based trainings (CBTs) on information security awareness. Multiple modules are covered under this program (malware awareness, social engineering awareness, travel security, desktop security etc.). Each module is based on a storyline with animation and gamification.


It is imperative for the board of directors to be aware of cyber security guidelines as the company expands in the global marketplace. Updated knowledge on security guidelines also enable them to support leadership team to push the standards across the organization.

SecurEyes has the right tools and experience in curating the programs to equip the Board of Directors with the information required to drive the cyber security programs and initiatives across the organization.


Middle management plays a pivotal role in driving the cyber security programs throughout the organizations. Since middle management works closely with the end users and the clients, it is imperative that they keep themselves updated on the cyber security changes as they happen.

SecurEyes offers special programs to cater to this exact need and is flexible to create specialized workshops depending on the industry.


Senior management must actively engage in strategic decision making to develop cyber resiliency. Senior managers should have the right awareness of the latest development in the cyber security arena and work with business managers to drive for the implementation of the cyber security policy.

SecurEyes has conducted numerous such programs/workshops and has earned for itself formidable reputation and immense goodwill over the years.


End users are the first line of defence against cyber-attacks and security breaches since they are directly responsible for following the organization’s cyber security policies. Any deliberate or unwilful flouting of established procedures can compromise the cyber security of the entire organizational IT infrastructure.

SecurEyes through its workshops trains and equips end users with information on how to adhere to the cyber security best practices and be aware of the negligent behaviour that could lead to violation of security policies.


Why choose us

  • Trained 4000+ employees of a large Indian bank on Security awareness and acceptable security practices.  
  • Trained 3000+ software engineers on application security threats and secure coding practices 
  • In-house developed training applications for hands-on experience 
  • 20,000+ people trained so far 
  • Worked with prestigious technology firms to train their IT staff on application and network security. 

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